Relationships vs. Networks


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Have you been focused on “networking”? Do you feel you are drowning in coffee or going broke paying for unproductive lunches? You need to be focused instead on quality instead of quantity as it relates to relationships. We will teach you exact steps to identify relationships that can truly help you. We will also help you create, nurture and expand your relationship base, recognizing that each element of relationship development requires a unique set of attitudes, skills and behaviors. While most people think they “understand this”, they do not. Eighty percent of jobs aren’t posted. To uncover new customers, opportunities or internships, you will learn to use your network of relationships, expanding it to mesh with those in your accountability groups to uncover opportunities you otherwise do not know of. Research by Princeton has shown that statistically your ideal job opportunity is one degree of separation outside of those that you know and regularly talk to. You need a strategy to uncover relationships with intention so that you can uncover what you are really looking for.