Negotiate Compensation


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Value is relative. We will teach you the steps you take to create a solid case for negotiating and attaining exceptional market value. We will learn how to become aware of how you internalize feelings that may impact your performance during this process. We will help you convey your value with confidence using an ongoing discovery process to position and align your value from the first handshake. In the process we will teach you how to use ball-park dollar ranges to determine if the conversation on compensation is even appropriate. Also, we will help you engage in several mental exercises to help you address fear, uncertainty and doubt. You will be prepared to approach the negotiation from a place of confidence and strength. Additionally, we will help you identify different types of perks or options that may be negotiated as part of the benefits package. Finally, we will help you practice techniques to move through the negotiations process, establishing clear understandings and “next steps” which ready you to onboard, asking for the “purchase order” if it’s the right match for you.