Creating Opportunity Instead of Chasing Jobs

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Kindle E-book Module 1

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Stop and consider this: How you choose your life’s work is the fourth most important decision of your life. The first three? The choice of spouse or significant other, the question of if you believe in God and the choice to try to have children. Beyond these three life-defining choices, how you invest time associated with the prime hours of your life is critical. Universities don’t teach this concept, parents don’t tend to stress this aspect, and most people simply leave their fate up to the archaic notion that a well-written resume will reveal the right path for your efforts. If you haven’t achieved personal peace or productivity with your choices to this point, this course will teach an entirely new way in which to approach the issues. Are you tired of working for a paycheck? Do you long for a real opportunity? Considering entrepreneurism? What are your real options? Do you realize that traditional employment methods are “broken”? Do you recognize the difference between accepting a paycheck at a J-O-B and a true opportunity? In this module we will help you dramatically focus on what you want, exploring where you’ve been historically in light of where you desire to go. We will take a realistic look at the core requirements of any opportunity you should be looking at and align it with a clear understanding of what you are looking for outside of the industry, title or sector. Additionally, you have six paths available to you. We will teach you how to identify the path that makes the best sense for your situation, providing the fundamentals of how to reduce risk and create income earning opportunities immediately.