How to find the PERFECT employer

“Will I ever find contentment in my work?” You ask yourself.

Yes. You can. By allowing yourself to gain more perspective, the next and PERFECT, (dare we say FINAL), job is right around the corner for you. In fact, it may be a few clicks away.

All you need is a bit of information: about yourself, the company, and about what other people have said about that company.

Here’s exactly what will help you in this search to find the (almost) perfect business.

You’ve got to know yourself, and be aware of the things you’re good at. If you don’t know, then just ask the closest people you know what they think about you. If you know what you want, it’s easy to pursue your passion. If you don’t know that yet, you should definitely inquire about it to your friends and family, who could give you a good picture of what you’re good at, seem to enjoy, and notice what you get excited about.

See what you can find out about the workplace culture from contacts you may have in that job. You can use your relationships to learn more about prospective jobs, and hopefully give you a lead before any interviews you have. You should ask about the benefits they see in working there, about various workplaces policies, and about other hiring policies and things valued and respected within that company. All of this can be used in interviews as negotiating points, and for inquiry!

Select an industry that you’re interested in, and search through Business directories like Fortune 500, Forbes or even do a simple web search to get a look at some of your potential future employers in that field. ( If you don’t know where to start looking for potential employers, this can be a helpful way for you to learn about players in your industry of interest.

There’s many qualifying lists throughout the web, and on top of that, public press like newspapers to help you potentially learn more about your prospective employers. ( Make sure to check all these resources before applying!

Gather as much info about the company as you can from either former, current employees you may know or can connect with on LinkedIn, or by filtering through a few different reviews that talk about the work experience. This was briefly mentioned earlier, but again, relationships you’ve made through networking will help you figure out so much about companies you are interested in working in. See if you can find any mutual contacts on LinkedIn who work at that job you want to be at, and see if you can connect with them to ask about it. Maybe you can even get a recommendation!

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