Churches are in dire need of programs to help make them relevant to their surrounding communities. So, teach people to fish! Unlike classic “resume writing or job search programs” we teach people to look at the issues differently and think like entrepreneurs about their situation.

For 44 million people now in the U.S. and millions more globally, unemployment is destroying lives and families. Communities are desperate for a new solution and we see your ministry as a partner to ours! Much like Financial Peace University, Economy Of One is designed to bring new people in through your doors, providing a completely NEW perspective on options to move them forward to create measurable progress and new revenue streams quickly.

Economy of One will do several things for those attending:

  • Teach them to recognize there are many more options then the classic “get a job or start a business.”
  • Recognize that relationships are everything and that the person sitting next to them at church might be a business owner looking exactly for their skill sets.
  • Our goal? To help you connect those in your congregation that have access to the 80% of jobs not published with those that need the jobs and have the skills.
  • To onboard people  immediately into a special small accountability group related to Economy of One.
  • Empower older, dis-engaged workers who lack skills or knowledge to know what to do or options in order to move forward.
  • Engage younger workers who don’t want the “soul sucking job” scenario they’ve seen their parents suffer through.
  • Provide encouragement, best practice business process and methods for measurable outcomes.
  • Connect these people to our growing global network of people who share this philosophy and are willing to help, now.
  • At every session we ask “how can we pray for you?’ as we’ve found this is the only way for people to truly experience sustainable change in their lives. Since the course addresses attitudes, behaviors and the need for skill development, prayer is observed to be the key catalyst for growth! We encourage and engage the power of prayer for each participant and for each family throughout the experience.

As a stand alone course or series of workshops- Economy Of One offers churches a new outreach tool designed to serve the community. And, our leadership is committed to supporting churches who need help and underwriting to launch such an initiative. We want to see this solution offered in churches quickly across the nation in order to spark a revival that is much needed in America today.

People are hurting. Families are desperate. This is why the Body of Christ is here, to meet this need at this unique time in history. Economy of One stands with your church team and Pastors and will do all within it’s power to enable you to offer the help and licensed courseware that has been in development for several decades. Just fill out the form to the right, let’s talk about what we can do to get you started or explore options!


Let’s Talk About How We Can Help Your Church Team

One of our team members will follow up with you to begin the process of understanding where your church needs and community needs are at. We look forward to exploring ways that we can support your desire for outreach and new ministry in this area.