Economy of One exists to help those in transition.

Whether it be transitioning out of the military, out of a corporate job, out of college, or a transition from one startup to the next, we exist to give you the necessary tools to thrive in the next phase of life.

Economy of One is a ten module,  multi-week training system that empowers you to take advantage of strategic opportunities as unique as you are in the marketplace. It trains you to think like an entrepreneur even if you aren’t one or plan to become one.

The course teaches you to create the story of you. To create a brand around yourself so that you become so marketable and valuable, companies will line up to hire you or to give your new company their business.

In today’s rapidly changing world, it isn’t enough anymore to just have a well written resume. What used to work no longer works. Technology has changed everything.

We’ll teach you how to stand out from the crowd. How to pray for yourself, join an accountability group and also ask for help from others in ways that measurably move you forward.

You’ll never again feel stuck. You’ll never feel again like you have no options.

Economy of One will give you the tools to keep your pipeline of opportunities full at all times. We’ll turn you into the type of asset companies can’t ever let go of and will pay a hefty fee to get their hands on.


What if you were interviewing for a job and had the exact toolkit to leverage your skillset into making 25% more?

Or if you were meeting with a new client and we’re able to utilize a piece of your experience in order to charge 10% more?

You may not even realize how valuable you even are or how to tell the story of you in an effective way.

We’ll show you the exact step by step method to do this.

Economy of One is a total game changer and mindset reversal. No longer are you going to view yourself as another cog in the wheel, but instead, you’ll see yourself as the type of asset companies will break down doors for.

Even if you feel reluctant now or see yourself as lacking certain skills, we will teach you how to still go after your dream job, pursue short term revenue generation opportunities or start your dream company.

Our global economy needs you and your community needs your skillsets. So let’s get started. You can do this. 

We are here to help with a community of people committed to seeing you succeed every step of the way. How to get started? Buy our workbook and take a look at the content, or just buy a module you are curious about. Visual learner? Go to our You Tube channel (insert live link) and let us teach you step-by-step what we know. Then join us on our private Facebook group (insert live link) and let us introduce you to our friends. 

Got questions? Weekly, we hold a free Q&A zoom call (live link for registration) designed to address the specific questions you might have. We know not everybody can afford our private coaching so we’ve priced each module on Kindle at just $2.99. That’s less than a latte at Starbucks! Our point? We will help you and if you use our free tools and downloads associated with promotions in our newsletter as we’ve removed every barrier we can to get you to engage. 

Why? Because with global unemployment skyrocketing, something has to be done. This is our purpose on planet earth.  We are just ordinary people that with the help of God, are determined to help you turn around your situation and give the world hope through the Good News. 

We offer the practical tools that are proven best practice, but more importantly? We will pray for you if you are open to this and get you into a support group where others who share your road offer a safe place to “examine the junk in the trunk”. It is a safe place to let go of attitudes and behaviors that truly hold you back. Our special sauce? Our groups, prayer and practical knowledge of what works and why.