5 Ways to Quickly become inspired at work again

Work has been a bore, and it’s finally starting to take a toll on your efficiency. Your bosses and managers have noticed, and other coworkers see that you’re in a rut.

But it’s not your fault.

Simply put, your inspiration has been snatched from you, used up and in desperate need of recapturing.

But don’t worry: we’ve looked at some of the best ways to alleviate that tension in a general way from experts across the web, and these 5 tips are sure to have you innovating once more.

Look for fresh experiences, and information that can trigger insights; ultimately giving in to inspiration. (Coleman, J). If you constantly look for new things going on around you in your environment, it’s hard not to always find something new to do; a new challenge, or a coworker who needs help!

Narrow down options you have on projects, and select your favorite/best options. Put the most effort into completing those options. (Coleman, J). If you can’t make progress on your latest project because of classic analysis paralysis, then weigh your options. Think of the one you like most, whichever option you’d enjoy the most and pursue that one! If there doesn’t seem to be a different way to do your project other than what’s been handed to you, think outside the box! Can you have anyone help you complete the project, is there technology that would speed the process up? Always evaluate all your options.

Talk to the people you serve to try to rekindle why you started that job in the first place. (Hedges, K). Perhaps you work in some kind of service. If you need to gain a new perspective to remind you why you may be working this job, talk to your customers. Ask them about how helpful your product or service is, and what they use it for daily!

Seek new input about various issues and problems, when you or your team can’t think of the solution. (Hedges, K). Try researching your problem and seeing what a google search leads to. The internet is full of helpful solutions to every kind of problem. Also seek insight from other people’s experience in the field, or ask a friend familiar with the job involving a specific issue what they would do in their experience. You’d be surprised how not only willing to help, but also how much experience some people with no expertise in your field might have.

Make sure you have the energy to do whatever it is you’re trying to do. Maybe you need a recharge? (Hedges, K). Sleep experts say that either one 30 minute nap or one 1 and a half hour nap is enough to completely reset and recharge your day. Make sure also that you can complete your goal within the time frame given with the resources you have! You don’t want to stress yourself out when the project or task is avoidable, so make sure you have the ability, energy and time to complete whatever target you’ve been given. This way, you’ll be sure to be working at your best, motivated and full of the energy needed to complete the project.

Changing the way you think and gaining more perspective is the way to be successfully inspired. All of these tips are general, but so helpful in that you can always see these things in your current environment. Our most sincere hope is that you can be re-energized to get back out and thrive in whatever work you’re pursuing!

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