5 ways to make your resume stand out during hiring season

There are secrets to resume success.

In a day and information age where almost everything can be found and known, you can exhaust a whole host of resources, like your network, to have a successful resume screening.

You have the qualifications, and you know what these companies are all about. Now it’s time for the next level. Here’s 5 tips for how to instantly culminate all your gifts into an inspiring resume that truthfully depicts the most qualified version of you:

Respond directly to the job requirements in your resume. (Conlan, C). It is a well known suggestion that you should always tailor your resume to every single new employer you apply for. This will help them get the best version of you there is for what they need, and presents you as the hopefully the ideal candidate.

Focus much more on the accomplishments you’ve had in your experience. (Conlan, C). Describe your accomplishments and the importance of them to the relevance of the employment position. Talk about the aspect of them that would prove to be of significance to this employer. Include anything you’ve accomplished that would speak to the greatness of your character, or commendable traits you have such as consistency, endurance, or a great mindset. This is more important than the summary of you, employers want to know what you can do to help them. They can get to know YOU in the interview.

Include your objective about why you’re switching in industries, and what’s driving you to do what you do. Employers want to see a drive and focus. (Gutterman, A). Shed light and be honest about why you’re switching industries; tell your potential employers about your goals and where you want to go with your career. Employers will see the ambition, but also a why in what you’re going to do for them, and how to address your specific wants. It helps them know what you’re trying to get out of the experience they would provide, and things you hope to accomplish and skills you hope to pick up!

Use your network to get the recommendations and introductions necessary to nail that interview. (Gutterman, A). Prepare before you turn in your application by making sure you have the edge over other applicants that may be similarly qualified. This is perhaps the most important one, and requires more tact than all the other tips since you must first establish an actual relationship with someone in the company you want to work for. This is networking at its best, and is perhaps the best way to ensure your resume gets thoroughly reviewed! Contacts matter, so try to find employees you may be connected with on LinkedIn or other networking apps to find the mutual connection, and get that introduction.

Be clean and concise with your wording and in your summaries, achievements, description, etc. (Gutterman, A). Keep your resume clean and easy to understand. Oftentimes, the employer is handling 100’s of resumes at once, and many get filtered out because they don’t state what the employer’s looking for, or it’s too difficult to understand. The resume will not only look better, but also have a better chance of being reviewed and accepted by the employer. We’re proud of you for employing these, now go get that interview!

Keep in mind though: when writing your resume, just remember it’s all for the specific employer you’re writing to, and you’re concisely the perfect candidate they have in mind. Your resume should be an accurate depiction of that. Use to no end your networks’ resources, and make relationships with people who have your back. Don’t sweat, your resume is about to woe even the most shrewd CEO’s heart!

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